PDF to text, Excel to text, Word to text, PowerPoint to text, PDF to text Converter
PDF to XML, Excel to XML, Excel to CSV, Excel to XML converter, Excel to CSV Converter

  • All converters work on raw files directly, you don't need any 3rd party software/lib.

  • All converters support English and all European languages.

  • All converters support Unicode/multi-bytes languages (Chinese, Korean, Japanese...).

  • All converters were written in C++, High performance and accuracy are our priority goal.


    For Developers:
    These COM/DLL components need some programming skill to use them, if you are looking for
    standalone application/tools, please check out our desktop converting tools for end users below.
    PDF Converter MS-Excel Converter
    Convert PDF to Text (COM Edition) Convert Excel to Text (COM Edition)
    Convert PDF to Text (DLL Edition) Convert Excel to XML (COM Edition)
    Convert PDF to XML (COM Edition) Convert Excel to CSV  (COM Edition)

    Convert PDF to XML (DLL Edition)

    MS-Word Converter MS-PowerPoint Converter
    Convert Word to Text (COM Edition) Convert PowerPoint to Text (COM Edition)

    For End Users:
    We also provide two standalone tools to convert PDF file to text file/convert excel file to XML/CSV
    Text file, the functionality of the COM/DLL were encapsulated in the standalone applications, if
    you are interest in the COM/DLL components you can also check out these tools to see is the
    output what you want or not without any programming.
    PDF Plain Text Extractor - Convert PDF files to text file with format reserved
    Excel Converter - Convert Excel file to XML/CSV/Text file



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