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PowerPoint to Text Converter-COM edition is a COM component that can convert PowerPoint files to text files, The output text is in UTF-8 format, it supports all kinds of languages supported by PowerPoint file. It even supports PowerPoint documents that mix several kind of languages together. It can be called from VC/VB/ Delphi/ASP/PHP.... All kind of languages that support COM. The trial version is full functional and 15 days free.

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    1. Supports PowerPoint 95/97/2000/XP
    2. Don't need install Office/MS-PowerPoint or any other 3rd party software/lib on your machine.
    3. Supports English, French, German, Italian and other European languages.
    4. Support Unicode, multi-bytes languages. 
    5. The component is multiple threads safe.

System Requirements:
    1.Pentium 75 PC or higher, 32MB RAM or more. 
    2.Win95, Win98, Win ME, Win2000, WinNT 4.0 or Win XP.

Installation and Sample code:

    Please click here for detail installation guide and sample code.

Purchase Online:

Please read the software license carefully before you place order.
1 server license:    Server License $250 Buy Now
2 server license:    Server License $470 Buy Now
3 server license:    Server License $650 Buy Now
4 server license:    Server License $810 Buy Now
5 server license:    Server License $930 Buy Now
6 server license:    Server License $1000 Buy Now
Site license:   

if your order over 8 server license, you'd better buy Site license. Site  license covers a single organization in one location (building complex). If you buy a Site  license, you may use the program in an unlimited number of your company's computers within this area. Site  license is very cost-effective if you have many computers.

$1125 Buy Now
Developer License:

With a developer license you can integrate it into your product and distribute it with your own product royalty free.    Developer License  

$1200 Buy Now


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