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  • Download the 15 days trial version here.

  • Unzip the package to a folder on your hard drive.

  • Open an dos window and Go to the folder you store P2T Server Edition.

  • Run "regsvr32 PP2TServer.dll" from command line to register the component.

    Check the methods exposed from the COM interface here.


  • Example in ASP

  • Example in PHP

  • Example in Cold Fusion

  • Example in VC

  • Example in VB


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    Example in ASP:


    'Create the convert PowerPoint to text object
    set pp2t = Server.CreateObject("PP2TServer.PP2T")

    'VerifyLicense verify the username/keycode of PowerPoint to text converter.
    'it always success in trial version.
    pp2t.VerifyLicense "4747457", "345srwr242342423"

    Response.Write pp2t.Convert ("c:\test\test1.ppt", "c:\box\test1.txt")+ "<br>"
    Response.Write pp2t.Convert ("c:\test\test2.ppt", "c:\box\test2.txt") + "<br>"
    Response.Write pp2t.Convert2Mem ("c:\test\test3.ppt", 50000) + "<br>"


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    Example in PHP:  


    #Create PowerPoint to text object
    $pp2t = new COM("PP2TServer.PP2T");

    #VerifyLicense always success in trial version.
    $pp2t->VerifyLicense("4747457", "345srwr242342423");

    #Convert PowerPoint to text file

    print $pp2t->Convert ("c:\test\test1.ppt", "c:\box\test1.txt"). "<br>";
    print $pp2t->Convert ("c:\test\test2.ppt", "c:\box\test2.txt"). "<br>";
    print $pp2t->Convert2Mem ("c:\test\test3.ppt", 50000). "<br>";

    #Release word to text object.
    $pp2t = null;


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    Example in ColdFusion:

    <cfobject type="COM"
    <cfset strName="4747457">
    <cfset strKey="345srwr242342423">
    <cfset result = pp2t.VerifyLicense(strName, strKey)>
    <cfset strPPTName="C:\test\test1.ppt">
    <cfset strTXTName="C:\test\test1.txt">
    <cfset result=pp2t.Convert(strPPTName, strTXTName)>
    <cfset result=pp2t.Convert2Mem(strPPTName, 50000)>

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    Example in VC:

    You need generate wrapper class of PowerPoint to text converter use class wizard first.
    "ClassWizard->ActiveX Events->Add Class->From a type lib..."
    IPP2T pp2t;
    CString strRslt = pp2t.Convert("C:\\test\\test1.ppt","c:\\test\\test1.txt");

    strRslt = pp2t.Convert2Mem("C:\\test\\test2.ppt",5000);

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    Example in VB:

    You need to add the reference of PowerPoint to Text Converter to the project
    "Project->References..." Make sure "PP2TServer Type Library" was selected there.

    Dim myPP2T As PP2TSERVERLib.PP2T
    Dim strRslt As String
    'Create the PowerPoint to text object
    Set myPP2T = New PP2T

    'Verify the license information of PowerPoint to text Converter.
    myPP2T.VerifyLicense "234234", "23423432"

    'Convert PowerPoint file to Text File.
    strRslt = myPP2T.Convert(C:\test\test1.ppt","c:\test\test1.txt")
    MsgBox strRslt

    strRslt = myPP2T.Convert2Mem(C:\test\test2.ppt",5000)
    MsgBox strRslt

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    Any comments or question, Send email to with "PP2TCOM" in subject.


    COM Interface
    There's 4 methods exposed
    1. HRESULT VerifyLicense(
    [in] BSTR bstrName,
    [in] BSTR bstrKey,
    [out, retval] long* pbRetVal);

    VerifyLicense is the method must be called before all other methods.
    It's to verify the run time license information.
    @param BSTR bstrName: The register name
    @param BSTR bstrKey: The register key code.
    @param long* pbRetVal: 1 If verify license cuccessfully.
                           0 If something wrong with the name/key
    This variable always be set to 1 in trial version
    @return S_OK

    2. HRESULT GetVersion([out, retval] BSTR* pbstrVersion);

    Return the version information.
    @param BSTR* pbstrVersion: The current version information was returned in this buffer.
    @return S_OK

    3. HRESULT Convert(
    [in] BSTR bstrPPT,
    [in] BSTR bstrTXT,
    [out, retval] BSTR* pbstrRetVal);

    @param BSTR bstrPPT: The absolute path and file name of the powerpoint file you
    want to convert.
    @param BSTR bstrTXT: The absolute path and file name of the text file you
    want to convert to.
    @param BSTR* pbstrRetVal: The result and any warning/error information
    will return by this pointer

    @return S_OK: Process the excel file successfully. Check *pbstrRetVal for detail

    4. HRESULT Convert2Mem(
    [in] BSTR bstrPPT,
    [in] int nBufSize,,
    [out, retval] BSTR* pbstrRetVal);

    @param BSTR bstrPPT: The absolute path and file name of the powerpoint file you want to convert.
    @param BSTR nBufSize: The data buffer size for the output data, if the output data size is bigger than the buffer size, the converter just discard the overflowed data. There's a hard code limitation of buffer size, it's 5M, if pass in nBufSize is bigger than 5M, the converter will set the buffer size to 5M.
    @param BSTR* pbstrRetVal: The converted text will be return directly in the variable.
    @return S_OK: Process the powerpoint file successfully. If it's not S_OK, check *pbstrRetVal for detail information.

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